"Unity" An art installation with Yanese Smith at College of Mount Saint Vincent with origami paper folded by students.

"Still Loving It"

My mother shared memories with me of beautiful moments from her life in the capital city. What stayed with her wasn't so much the monuments and landmarks that made Phnom Penh the Pearl Asia. It was riding in a cyclo through the quiet streets in the late afternoon sun. The simple, contented lives displayed on the balconies. The silence of a coffee shop broken only by the noise of a fan. Girls riding their white Vespas to their secret rendez-vous. And now I too ride my sky-blue bicycle through the streets as the setting sun sweeps slowly and tenderly across the shop-houses.<p> shophouse1 small 164960_529058430474246_1510897314_n 2-12x30 (2013) small