[email protected] | visual artist | vice-dean at the plastic arts department of the ministry of Culture Cambodia

Having studies in Hungary for many years, Suos Sodavy mastered the technique of drawings, which he later continues to show figurative large scale drawings. At the same time Suos Sodavy makes assemblages using found materials.

The beauty of Sous Sodavy's work is the ethereal mood he conjures on canvas, like fine brownish sand on the beaches of time. His Khmer images are not done in the traditional Cambodian style, yet he is able to capture their vital spirit and essence. My personal favourite is a large oil painting of a Khmer dancer at pose, with eyes closed, a sublime study of beauty, concentration and quiet contemplation. Sodavy's painted images convey a sense of the ephemeral, yet, they feel so alive and real.
Lawrence Anderson, Embassador of Singapore