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“I don’t want to identify anyone. I want to focus on colour and form.” To accomplish this, Sothy scouted Phnom Penh for monochromatic stretches that would serve as backdrops, or mixing palettes, for the early morning traffic. By simultaneously zooming his lens, panning his camera, and pressing the shutter release, he created digital canvases that characterize New Media while some works also recall Impressionism or Colour Field painting. Small repeated lines play a whimsical lilt for two young girls on a bicycle. A saturated, primary blue background balances a blurred motorbike rider wearing vibrant red. The camera’s motion forced a confident blur, allowing composition, colour and form to become stimulating subject matter to contemplate and enjoy.

When I was young I always wanted to become a photograph reporter in search of information everywhere. Fortunately I went to study Photography at the university.
Erin Gleeson