My artwork presents me as an artist who is not distanced from contemporary society. I am very much at home in my own time and comfortable with the many lifestyles and resulting imaginations that exist. My work expresses an awareness of participating in a new, developing, and active world full of possibilities, as well as of contradictions and paradoxes. The issues raised by my artworks depict the variety of today’s culture, its fascinating, rich, and complex appearance which are both global and particularly local, endlessly repetitive, and endlessly differentiated. While visual aspects are the dominant dimension of this world, they are nevertheless inseparably connected to other fields. This is reflected not only in the multitude of sources I take my inspiration from (personal snapshot, old photography from family albums, sign panels’ images, etc.) but perhaps no less in the fact that I am myself dealing with other media (drawing, installations, sculpture, and photography). In such a world, painting can be only one of several possible and equally interesting creative mediums.