From The Inside Out Exhibition

Group Exhibition in the Bronx, New York  City. Saphan with Emily Stroia, Hugo Crosthwaite, Theresa Magario, Matt Posey and Sanae. A studio exhibition with a guitar performance.

Saphan in Asia Life Magazine

Rediscovering Their Roots : The Female Artist

Most overseas Cambodians have an innate desire to be rooted, according to artist Linda Saphan. They question their sense of belonging. This quest for an identity eventually requires them to visit Cambodia. She should know, born in Cambodia, she also emigrated as a young child, this time to Canada. She subsequently lived in Paris before settling in Cambodia in 2003.

You could read more on Asia Life Guide

Saphan at Art Basel Miami and Van Cleve Fine Art

My works from now on will be represented by van cleve fine art in san diego, usa. through van cleve fine art, some of the first incognito serie will be exhibited at basel art miami in december 2008. you could view them on this website

Another vision of cambodia

Virginie Noel is a self taught photograph and she came a long way when I first met her. She now has a beautiful website where you can see her vision about cambodian culture and ambiances...

Saphan at Westbeth, New York

This is the place, Miya's place.

Westbesth is an artists' residence where I am producing my most recent works. The view is simply inspiring... more works to be expected soon !

Touch KHCHAO new works

These are the latest sculptures from Touch KHCHAO !

Saphan in New York City

My latest drawings can be seen in the flat files of Pierogi 2000 gallery ( )

Pierogi 2000 is an innovative art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

Cambodian Rock

I am now working on the documentary film directed by John Pirozzi ( "Don't Think I've Forgotten".

"During the 60's and early 70's, as the war in Vietnam threatened its borders, a new music scene emerged in Cambodia that took Western rock and roll and stood it on its head-creating a sound like no other. This documentary film, "Don't Think I've Forgotten," provides a new perspective on a country usually associated with war and genocide. By celebrating this powerful music, and the people who created it, Cambodia's musical heyday emerges from the shadows of tragedy into the light of history."

New Art Links

There are many things happening related to Cambodian arts.

Edward and Michele Ludgwig have been dedicating to art project in Cambodia. They have beautiful and respectful attitude toward the art community in Cambodia. They are now organizing art materials shipping to Cambodia. Please visit their website to have more information about them.


Ce n'est qu'un au revoir | it's only a farewell!

After four years of art and cultural events maker in Phnom Penh, I move on. Taking time for my own art works. If you are looking for contact, Veasna is now the new shaker of the Khmer Art scene! ([email protected])...

I have projects for doing a second Incognito and Paradise, I shall keep you informed.