anthropology research evaluation

From December 2007 to January 2008

I am working for Domrei Consulting and Research as anthropologist consultant. The work is located in the urban and peri urban area of Phnom Penh. It is analysing relocated families' intergration at the new site, in the new community. Interviewing social workers and field workers is certainly an inspiring lesson. Ke Bopha, my research assistant is simply brilliant - quick learner, smart and helpfull. It is so nice to be well assisted, thank you Bopha.

mean rup mean tuk opening

Thursday November 29th 2007

17 artists exhibiting at the department of plastic arts of the ministry of culture. 5 Khmer artists and 12 international artists coming together to produce a series of works on the theme : with a body comes suffering. The crowd was overwhelming but the greatest success story is not about the sale, not about the many hundred people but about the khmer artists who exhibited the first time their works. The Selapak Neari were on a magic cloud that night. Veasna and Kanitha's mother was so proud of her daughters who proved her right to keep on supporting them to follow their dreams. What more moving that to see these artists shine like stars!

Thank you to the people of the department of plastic arts specifically Suos Sodavy and to the international artists who helped to pay for the exhibition's expense. But the most important of all is to ANA (Arts Network Asia) who made it possible that these Khmer artists could come together meet, work and connect with other artists.

Selapak Neari last workshop

Sunday 18th November 2007

Qudy Xu a trainer gave a lecture on self confidence to the Selapak Neari. It is all about body language and learning how to present themselves under a positive image of being an artist in today's Khmer society. Tith Veasna was good at expressing her ideas which were opposite to what we were saying, it is not always easy to do so.

Stiev Selapak's opening

Thursday 15th November 2007

The Stiev Selapak had their first opening as an art group. The television Apsara came to film and interview them. And they all went crazy by taking photo of the group. Being different all the way!

Self presentation

Sunday 11th November 2007

Last session of portfolio. Yet the Selapak Neari wanted to finish their collage started last week. It was indeed interesting to observe how much their always wanted to finish properly a work of art. Afterward, they had to finish their portfolio by learning how to give a title, dimension, medium used and the year. They included their old works and the ones they did with the Selapak Neari program.

Collage with Virginie and lecture with Anoli

Sunday 4th November 2007

The Selapak Neari did a very meticulous workshop with Virginie Noel : collage. It was a peaceful and quiet workshop where each one of them were concentrated on their paper. Cutting, placing and looking for more images. What a mess afterward.

Anoli Perera did a lecture on the art history of Sri Lanka. The Stiev Selapak join the lecture. It was captivating and as Chhea mentioned, it is amazing how the artists in Sri Lanka were not afraid of political repression. Indeed the art movement in Sri Lanka is far beyond Cambodia's art scene. May the Selapak Neari and Stiev Selapak start a new way also!

Artists meeting

October 29th

Anoli Perera from Theertha International Artists Collective in Sri Lanka is visiting Selapak Neari art space under the ANA program. She joined in the Stiev Selapak meeting and observe the graffiti workshop. It is so positive for the Khmer artists to meet Anoli who shared with us the difficulties encountered in Sri Lanka which are the same here in Cambodia. The Stiev Selapak also will take her around town on an art tour.

October 24th

Stiev Selapak met in preparation for their first group exhibition. Théo Vallier helped in the design of their logo and their exhibition's invitation. There is a good sense of art community and exchanges.

Opening of "Under shade of walls"

Thursday 18th of October

The opening night was a success for all. It was a huge crowd that kept on coming and going all evening... So many people responded in a very positive way to the exhibition. Many were moved and felt related to the theme of the exhibition which were very coherent as a whole. Théo did a performance, graffiti on a wall and some even participated. All the artists sold that night. First time I ever saw an artist sold out: congratulation Théo!

Installation by Linda Saphan and photography by Chhin Taingchhea: new construction for whom?

Gasolina's exhibition space

Graffiti with Théo

Sunday 28th October

Selapak Neari candidates did the graffiti workshop with the Stiev Selapak. The result is surprising for a first graffiti!

Sunday 21st October

Selapak Neari did a graffiti workshop with Théo Vallier.

After, they did a learning session on a wall of the exhibition space Gasolina. Thank you Théo for sharing your passion and art expression!

Sunday 7th of October

Théo Vallier gave a lecture on graffiti art in France and its history to the Selapak Neari and the Stiev Selapak.

Photography for the girls!

Sunday 30th September

Selapak Neari did a photography workshop with Chhin Taingchhea and Vandy Rattana. From a painter perspective, they learned to see their environment differently through lenses.

The Charly's Angels

After an hour and a half on the field, all of them were quite captivated by their work. As Veasna noticed, they move around town on charly motorbikes, so they wish to be the charly's angels team!