[Webinar] The Films of Uong Kanthouk (Citta)

This webinar spotlights the films of Uong Citta, previously known as Uong Kanthouk. Dr. LinDa Saphan will discuss Uong’s remarkable journey with filmmaking along with that of other Cambodian female directors from the early era. We will look at several of Uong’s films. In Thavary Meas Bong Uong clearly set herself apart as a filmmaker with this drama by diving deep into her characters’ obsessions and unrequited love. Additionally, we will take a look at Mouy Meun Alay, where Uong pushed her scriptwriting and directorial skills further by depicting the trauma of war. While the film industry traditionally favored films about magical fantasy worlds, Uong chose to depict the war’s impacts on the individual level, thereby reflecting what the country was experiencing. Her last film Pel Del Trov Youm is her love letter to the film industry and to her muse, Vichara Dany. This film is a unique meta-narrative that centers on the dynamics and blurry line between personal and professional life in the film business.

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Saphan Awarded Fulbright U.S. Scholar Fellowship


“Representation matters, and I hope that seeing a Cambodian woman secure such a distinguished grant will encourage young women—especially my students—to continue on to graduate school and pursue careers in research.”