Black by Kong Vollak

October 14th | Black | Hotel De La Paix | Siem Reap

From drawings, to sculptures and photography, Vollak is moving on in his works. This young emerging artist is doing great and innovative works.

Yesterdays' Omens

September 11th | Yesterdays' Omens | The Fine Grind | Little Falls, NJ, USA

It was an expedition into an unknown land called New Jersey. A yellow school bus left Manhattan transporting a group of New Yorkers to the opening. Quite an experience! A huge thanks to Peter Freeman for making the commute possible. Eternal gratitude to John Pirozzi for installing the artwork. Special thanks to amazing Jessica (event manager) and Rhonda and John (the owners), it was great!

Watch video of the installation

Linda Saphan First Solo Exhibition on 9/11

Khmer Rock Mix by the artist will be played
Date: Friday September 11, 2009
Venue: The Fine Grind, 7 Paterson Avenue, Little Falls, New Jersey

Yesterdays’ Omens is a serie of artwork combining the Buddhist flags used by Khmer people to decorate the pagodas, the practice of yantra and portraits of elders. This installation piece of drawings can be seen in detail on the portfolio page. Enjoy!

An article on Khmer solders and protection:
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Vandy Rattana at SaSa Gallery

A Walk Through The Rubber Plantations

From 29 August and run until 30 September 2009

Cambodian photographer Vandy Rattana spent a month roaming the most famous rubber producing area: Kompong Cham province – which was the home of, allegedly, the best quality of rubber in the world. Day after day, Rattana has followed the workers from small rubber plantations, witnessing and documenting their latex collection. Night after night, too – when rubber trees produce more sap to be collected by early rising workers.

So, with Vandy Rattana, let’s go watch, smell and hear the world of rubber plantations…

Vandy Rattana at SaSa Gallery

Artists Update

Finally The Virtual Cambodian Art Gallery is available !

Thank to the webmaster Erwan, each artist has their own webpage now. Ye!

You must check out the new update page for the artists. Many artists have sent new works and a few more have joint the webpage. Check them out, amazing new creativity is going on in Cambodia...

Saphan on The Laura Krafft Show

Pirate New York Radio

Saphan was the second guest for the first The Laura Krafft Show on Pirate New York radio. It was the ultimate funniest show. It is Laura's show and she can do what ever she wants, and she does...

Stiev Selapak in The New York Times

Cambodians Take Back the Lens

This is wonderful the young Cambodians artists are speaking up and not anywhere but in The New York Times. Great jobs from the Art Rebels... "Significantly, Sa Sa is an abbreviation of Stiev Salapak, or “Art Rebels.” The gallery takes its name from a group founded in 2007 by Mr. Vandy, a passionate 27-year old who is trying to defend photographers’ interests in an increasingly competitive and still foreign-dominated environment. Currently employed by the Phnom Penh Post, Mr. Vandy is perhaps unique for having criticized foreigners living in Cambodia for not providing enough technical and moral support to Cambodian photographers. ..."

More to read on The New York Times

Kanitha and Veasna in Asia Life

Sisters United in Art

The girls are in the news. They are working hard to create a space for women artists in the very dominant male art scene in Cambodia. Go girls!

Two sisters in contrasting ways are starting to make waves on the Cambodian contemporary art scene. Mark Jackson talks to Veasna and Kanitha Tith at the Chinese House.

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. Don’t wait until tomorrow because the chance might be gone.” Young Khmer artist Kanitha Kith, 22, is standing beside her model of Boeung Kak Lake, recently exhibited at the Bophana Audiovisual Resource Centre as part of the exhibition ‘Still Waters’. She is giving advice to her peers, although she could equally be describing the lake that is the subject of her installation.

More to read on

Art in Embassy

Ambassador Rodley Hosts Opening of Art in Embassies Exhibit, Ambassador’s residence, Phnom Penh May 26, 2009

On May 26, U.S. Ambassador Carol Rodley welcomed over a hundred guests from the Cambodian arts community to her residence for the opening of the ART in Embassies exhibition. Officials from the Ministry of Culture, visual artists, musicians, composers, dancers, and choreographers attended the reception and enjoyed the art work on display. The ART in Embassies Exhibition features 20 pieces of art from 9 different artists : Kong Vollak, Linda Saphan, William Graef, Nettra Pan, Phung Huynh, Sayon Syprasoeuth, Joe Fyfe and Aragna Ker.

More info on the Embassy of the United States website.

Still Water Opening at Bophana Center

Still Water curated by Veasna TITH at Bophana Center

The opening on April 3rd 2009 of 18 local artists was curated by the young emerging artist Veasna. This young curator tries to bring certain social issues in the process of the art making among the local artists without being political. She embodies the vibes of creating in Phnom Penh art scene today.

Stiev Selapak new space

Stiev Selapak|Art Rebels have a space for their future exhibitions