Thursday November 29th 2007

17 artists exhibiting at the department of plastic arts of the ministry of culture. 5 Khmer artists and 12 international artists coming together to produce a series of works on the theme : with a body comes suffering. The crowd was overwhelming but the greatest success story is not about the sale, not about the many hundred people but about the khmer artists who exhibited the first time their works. The Selapak Neari were on a magic cloud that night. Veasna and Kanitha's mother was so proud of her daughters who proved her right to keep on supporting them to follow their dreams. What more moving that to see these artists shine like stars!

Thank you to the people of the department of plastic arts specifically Suos Sodavy and to the international artists who helped to pay for the exhibition's expense. But the most important of all is to ANA (Arts Network Asia) who made it possible that these Khmer artists could come together meet, work and connect with other artists.