Nate from Lowell, MA. 7:07, Released July 2016. "About the importance of archiving memory through the lens of a record collector who preserved Cambodian popular music history."

Nate From Lowell - small

In Cambodia, popular music has yet to be recognized as a part of cultural heritage. There are no institutions that preserve, archive, and research lost and hidden popular music.

An entire generation of musicians died along with an estimate 2 million people in the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979.

Nate Hun born in Lowell, MA began collecting and preserving prewar Cambodian popular music in his childhood, becoming an expert on Cambodian rock as a collector of records, tapes, and other memorabilia.

This short film is about Nate who is at the heart of preservation of Cambodian popular music.

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Film by LinDa Saphan

Cinematography by John Pirozzi

Edited by Edmund Carson

Starring: Nate Hun and Samoeun Hun