It’s so thrilling to hear Cambodian singers at the Kennedy Center, I feel they have been rightfully acknowledged.

It is with great honor that I stand here with the film’s director, John Pirozzi, to present our film and help kick off the re-opening of the Millenium Stage Summer at the REACH organized by Samasama and the Kennedy Center. We’d like to thank the entire Kennedy Center team and Seda Nak and Les Talusan from Samasama for making it happen. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten itself is a celebration of the universal power of music and its ability to transcend borders and speak to so many people despite their cultural differences. As it happens Cambodian popular musicians were particularly adept at synthesizing many different styles of music from all over the world and creating music that you may find familiar yet unique at the same time. The film is a celebration of Cambodian musical creativity and the music’s resiliency.  

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