Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia Lost Rock and Roll had it world premiere in Phnom Penh in 2014. Since then the film opened in many other countries. The film was screened in many cities with a Cambodian communities from Paris (France), to Long Beach and Lowell in USA and Montreal in Canada among many others.

It is important to bring the film to the Cambodian people in the provinces- in the villages. Bayon Band – Samley Hong – once brought rock and roll on an oxcart in the village back in the 1960s, the film will have the same spirit.

The aim of the project is to bring the film to seven provincial towns for the people to have an opportunity to come together and celebrate its musical history, share their memories of the pre-war era, and commemorate the country talents.

Filmmaker and producer John Pirozzi and the head researcher, sociologist Dr LinDa Saphan will hold a Q&A after each screening, the audience will have first hand experience regarding the motivation, research process and behind the scene stories.